The inhabitants of Barra Grande will be glad to help you, but here are a few questions you might ask yourself before arriving.

Where can I cash out money in Barra Grande?
There is only one ATM in Barra Grande, for Caixa Economica Federal regulars. We suggest you to bring cash along with you, most accomodations, restaurants and sops will accept credit card.
When are the shops open?
Shops are commonly open in the morning from 8am to 12am. They open afterwards around 2pm and stay open to 9pm.
At what time is the sunrise and the sunset in barra grande?
Barra Grande is located just a couple of degrees under the equator, so sun rises at 6am then sets at 6pm.
What is the temperature in Barra Grande?
The air temperature varies from 25° to 35°.
What is the temperature of the water?
The ocean water temperature varies between 25° & 30°.
How do the tides work in Barra Grande?
Every day we lose "1 tide hour". So in simple words if you want to bath or kite in the same water as the day before, you come 23h hours later.
When does it rain in Barra Grande?
Barra Grande knows a very light rain season from March to June.
When can i kitesurf in Barra Grande?
You can enjoy prefect wind conditions in Barra Grande from July to February.
Can I take kite surfing lessons in Barra Grande?
Ye, there are kite schools in Barra Grande. See our kitesurf section in 'What to do'.
What kite size do I have to take to Barra Grande ?
In season, we suggest kite sizes from 6m² to 12m².
How long would it take me to downwind to the lagoon ?
From the kite spot, depending on your level, 5 to 10 minutes.
Are there mosquitos in Barra Grande ?
Most comonly during the rain season. Mosquitos don't like wind.
Is there jellyfish in the water ?
It is very uncommon.
Can I drive a car, quad or a motorcycle on the beach?
No. Barra Grande is a protected area. The use of motorized vehicles is prohibited.
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