Located approximately 300 km from Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, or simply Jeri as it is known, is an ecological sanctuary. It was considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by the Washington Post. In 1984 it became an Environmental Protection Area (APA), retaining virtually untouched its natural beauty. Gigantic mobile dunes, coconut groves, crystal-clear lagoons, mangroves, caves, cove and ocean beaches, blend aspects of the hinterland and coastal coastline in this former fishing village. From 2002, Jericoacoara became National Park.
Electric power is restricted to an underground network that feeds the entire village, there are no street posts, only the light of the stars and the moon. The contact with nature is extremely intense and makes you forget the rest of the world - no traffic, schedules or complications. Everything is very simple and broad, giving an indescribable sense of freedom.
"Those who know Jericoacoara never forget!" The beauty of the landscape impresses all the time: fresh and salt water lagoons, untouched beaches, wind-carved rocks in an area of 200 km², where hunting, type of pollution. It pays to stay at least five days because the trip is tiring, but visitors usually stretch the trip for a few more days. Sometimes because they have not had enough time to know everything, sometimes because they simply can not leave behind such beauty ...
Jeri transmite a sintonia e emoção, Jeri cidade que inspira a criação, Jeri a essência de ser livre pra sentir…
Source : Jericoacoara Turismo

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