National Parc of Lençois Maranhenses

The Lençóis Park, located on the eastern coast of Maranhão, involves the municipalities of Humberto de Campos, First Cross, Santo Amaro and Barreirinhas. Its greatest attraction is the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, beautiful and intriguing phenomenon of nature, which has Barreirinhas as the main entrance gate.
The Lençóis National Park is an ecological paradise with 155,000 hectares (approximate size of the city of São Paulo) of dunes, rivers, lagoons and mangroves. Rare geological phenomenon was formed over thousands of years through the action of nature. Its landscapes are breathtaking: vastness of sands that make the place resemble a desert. But with very different characteristics. It actually rains in the region, which is bathed by rivers. And it is the rains, incidentally, that guarantee the Lençóis some of its most beautiful landscapes. The rainwater forms lagoons that spread in practically the whole area of ​​the park forming an unparalleled landscape. Some of them, such as Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Bonita are already famous for their beauty and bathing conditions. The villages of Caburé, Atins and Mandacaru are obligatory visit points.
Lençóis Maranhenses National Park has 155 thousand hectares of pure nature and many surprises for the traveler, in a script that includes seductive visuals and unforgettable sunset. Abundant flora and fauna! Great expanses of dunes, lagoons and sea baths await the tourist in this true sanctuary of nature.
Source : Governo do Estado do Maranhão

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