The Bandoleiros, first restaurant in Barra Grande is in constant evolution. Created 8 years ago, this family restaurant has kept its Brazilian authenticity while opening to the world.

For a year now, Ambre and Marc a couple of French restaurateurs, brought their touch to this institution. Very appreciated by the elite from Teresina, the place is both chic and relaxing, where you can enjoy your feet in the sand. The incredibly friendly staff will satisfy all your expectations and guide your choices in the right mood.

Comfortably seated by the bar sofas, enjoy Samba and other Brazilian music around some explosive and refreshing cocktails. Add some tasty “tapas” to join this combo and you will be overwhelmed!

The French Chef has kept the Brazilian tradition wich makes the soul of the institution but has provided a European touch to the restaurant.

Fish in foil with Mediterranean colors, Spanish tapas, Brazilian barbecue, Italian pastas will make you travel with us!

The house specialty is lobster with herb butter.

The wine selection from the world also stands out, Château Lafitte, Alma Negra, Catena, house Valduga, let yourself be guided by the advice of Nene and Marcello who are as friendly as professional.

To complete this journey, a sweet French pancake or a touch of chocolate will accompany your quality cachaça or Irish whiskey.

Have a good time and enjoy your trip! | 2019