La Cozinha

The Cozinha restaurant takes you to the cozy atmosphere of its bar and restaurant.
You will feel very relaxed sitting at the bar. It is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail of fresh fruit with your friends or savor a few tapas to the rhythm of brazilian music. As you will be relaxing and enjoying your time, we will set your table. Dinner’s ready!
We will offer you an inventive and surprising menu combining the know-how of our chef and the delicious local products.
The chef gets inspired by the brazilian and french cuisine. Local fish and seafood that have just been caught, of course, the star products. Just to make your mouth waterry, we will be serving flavorful crayfish grilled with herbs or a robalo tartar with herbs and lime. Meat lovers won’t be disappointed with the tender beef filet. The whole restaurant faces the open kitchen, which allows you to watch the unceasing ballet of the cooks and the know-how of the chef, Hervé Witmeur.
At the bar, delicious cocktails and fruit bursting with sunshine will have the place of honor. You will have a large choice of excellent south-american wines and french « grands crus».
In other words, you will not only enjoy an outstanding diner, but also a real show.
12 | 2019