Pomodoro Basilico

The Restaurant Pomodoro Basilico offer regional and international dishes from a Brazilian and Italian cuisine.

Pomodoro Basilico is the newest restaurant in town.

Our menu is inspired from the Italian and Brazilian cuisine, meat, shrimps, fish, pancakes, lasagna, gnocchi and various pasta servings, that's the speciality of Italian Chef Roberto Pirovano.

A taste of Italy in Barra Grande, our restaurant opens at 11 in the morning to 11 at night, after the bar stays open at the Recontro do Kite.

The Recontro do Kite is the "rendez-vous" in Barra Grande, where the kite surfers reunite after kiting. The caipirinhas and caipiroska can be served till dawn.

Recontro do kite has the best caipirinha in the world, says the foreign visitors of Barra Grande - Piauí.


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